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We're all about making high end renewable solutions accessible for any customer. Often the biggest hurdle to accessing solar and batteries is that costs can be prohibitive. There are government rebates and grants to assist companies in making the important switch to solar and batteries. Knowing what rebates to apply for, or even just discovering what is available, can be a frustrating process.

By uploading your PDF energy bill for us here we can work out exactly what rebates are available for your situation and save you money on the transition to renewables.

We want to make this process as easy as possible for you! In order for us to give you the most accurate quote, we need the following information. If our sales team needs any additional information to help with your quote, they will contact you directly over the phone and in some cases may need to arrange a site inspection. However, this is only required in certain circumstances, and we will do our best to avoid this if possible.

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Motorsport Australia's Live Net-Zero Pledge

We assist families, businesses, and national corporations to assist in switching to renewables. See below our partner Motorsport Australia’s live progress on helping their members electrify their homes and switch to renewables.

Our Story So Far


Supporting Australian motorsport as it moves towards next generation racing will require an industry-wide effort. 

Motorsport Australia has created a Climate and Environment Action Plan that provides a roadmap for the Australian motorsport industry to reduce our collective impact on the environment through three core strategies. 


Motorsport Australia are taking direct action over their own environmental footprint including the quantification of their greenhouse gas emissions profile, setting a target net zero date for their operations, and supporting their employees and contractors to understand impact. 


Motorsport Australia will partner with key industry stakeholders to address climate-related and environmental challenges that are beyond our direct control. This includes working closely with their commercial partners, event promoters, auto-related industries, Government agencies, and leading international organisations such as the FIA. 


Motorsport Australia recognises that the most far-reaching and impactful actions in our industry will be carried out by our clubs and their members, venues, volunteers, officials, spectators, professional teams, and competitors. In hand with business partners such as Greenline and Middy’s, Motorsport Australia will utilise their position to support and encourage action across all levels of the industry.

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About us

Already leading established companies in the renewable space, Directors Benn of GreenEdge Technologies and Nick of Highline Group decided to join forces to tackle the demand for home electrification in Australia. This collaboration represents an advancement in the sustainable energy space allowing homeowners and businesses the ability to transition seamlessly.

Benn Simpson – Director

Kicking off his career with a trusty tool belt and an electrician's license, Benn quickly found his true calling wasn't just in wiring, but in re-wiring the future with renewable energy. His journey from sparky to green energy saw him diving into GreenEdge Technologies, a household name in residential solar. Founding Greenline Electrification wasn't just a career move; it was Benn's way of gathering likeminded legends, all set on delivering slick, world-class energy solutions. This team, under Benn's moustache-twirling leadership, proves that bettering the planet can look as cool as it feels. So, here's to Benn: part electrician, part eco-hero, and a full-time stache enthusiast, making the world a brighter & greener.

Nick Mackay – Director

Starting his career as a seasoned sparky, Nick's zeal for renewable energy technologies soon had him rolling up his sleeves, getting deeply involved in bringing large-scale renewable energy projects to life as a director at Highline Group. The creation of Greenline Electrification was his next bold move, enabling him to gather a squad of equally passionate individuals. Together, they're on a mission to deliver top-notch energy solutions, transforming the way we think about and use power. It's more than just a job for Nick and his team; it's a commitment to a brighter, greener future.