Replacing fossil fuel systems with renewable energy

By electrifying your home, you can reduce your reliance on non-renewable energy, save money and create a more sustainable future for generations to come.

How much can you save?

We're all about making high end electrification solutions accessible for any customer. Often the biggest hurdle to switching to renewables is that costs can be prohibitive. There are government rebates and grants to assist companies in making the important switch to renewables. Knowing what rebates to apply for, or even just discovering what is available, can be a frustrating process but at Greenline we handle everything from start to finish.

By uploading your PDF energy bill for us here we can work out exactly what rebates are available for your situation and save you money on the transition to renewables.

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Leading the Way in Sustainable Electrification Solutions

We are licensed electricians, not salespeople. Our focus is to create a more sustainable future by reducing our reliance on non-renewable energy sources and promoting energy efficiency. With decades of experience in the industry our inhouse team has installed (not just sold) over 450 renewable projects around Australia.

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Motorsport Australia's Live Net-Zero Pledge

We assist families, businesses, and national corporations to assist in switching to renewables. See below our partner Motorsport Australia’s live progress on helping their members electrify their homes and switch to renewables.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly asked questions about Greenline Electrification and our services.

What is electrification?

Electrification is the process of replacing older systems or products that run on fossil fuels with ones that operate on electricity, a renewable energy source. The goal of electrification is to help the environment by reducing our use of non-renewable energy sources and becoming more energy efficient. By transitioning to electric systems, we can fight climate change and create a more sustainable future.

Why choose electrification?

Choosing electrification offers numerous benefits. It helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions, improves air quality, and decreases our dependence on fossil fuels. Additionally, electrification can lead to cost savings in the long run, as electricity is often cheaper than traditional fuel sources.

How does electrification work?

Electrification works by replacing existing systems or products with electric alternatives. This can include switching from gas-powered vehicles to electric vehicles, using electric heating and cooling systems instead of fossil fuel-based ones, and using electric appliances and equipment. The transition to electrification involves installing the necessary infrastructure and ensuring compatibility with electric power sources.

Is electrification expensive?

While the initial cost of electrification may require an investment, it can lead to long-term cost savings. Electric systems often have lower operating costs and require less maintenance compared to traditional systems. Additionally, there may be financial incentives, grants, or tax credits available to support the transition to electrification.

Can I electrify my home?

Yes, you can electrify your home. There are various options available depending on your specific needs and preferences. From installing solar panels to power your home to replacing gas-powered appliances with electric ones, our team can help you explore the best electrification solutions for your home.

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About us

Already leading established companies in the renewable space, Directors Benn of GreenEdge Technologies and Nick of Highline Group decided to join forces to tackle the demand for home electrification in Australia. This collaboration represents an advancement in the sustainable energy space allowing homeowners and businesses the ability to transition seamlessly.

Benn Simpson – Director

Kicking off his career with a trusty tool belt and an electrician's license, Benn quickly found his true calling wasn't just in wiring, but in re-wiring the future with renewable energy. His journey from sparky to green energy saw him diving into GreenEdge Technologies, a household name in residential solar. Founding Greenline Electrification wasn't just a career move; it was Benn's way of gathering likeminded legends, all set on delivering slick, world-class energy solutions. This team, under Benn's moustache-twirling leadership, proves that bettering the planet can look as cool as it feels. So, here's to Benn: part electrician, part eco-hero, and a full-time stache enthusiast, making the world a brighter & greener.

Nick Mackay – Director

Starting his career as a seasoned sparky, Nick's zeal for renewable energy technologies soon had him rolling up his sleeves, getting deeply involved in bringing large-scale renewable energy projects to life as a director at Highline Group. The creation of Greenline Electrification was his next bold move, enabling him to gather a squad of equally passionate individuals. Together, they're on a mission to deliver top-notch energy solutions, transforming the way we think about and use power. It's more than just a job for Nick and his team; it's a commitment to a brighter, greener future.